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Arts: Creative Schools, Creative Youth

One of the best ways to engage students in learning is to incorporate various form of arts in the learning process. Learning through arts is experiential and sensory, which makes it memorable and engaging. It is also creative and interactive, as the artistic process is one of exploration and participation; it includes higher order skills such as collaboration, critical thinking, imagination, creativity, problem solving adaptability and self-evaluation.

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Everyone is invited to blog about their activities for the STEM Discovery Week here!

The awarded teachers are invited to participate in the 23rd Science Projects Workshop at the Future Classroom Lab (SPW23), held in Brussels, Belgium, from 22 to 24 June 2018. This workshop is co-organised with the STEM Alliance initiative.

All submitted activities eligible for the Scientix competition are divided into two main categories, namely 1. "Active discoverers: The loudest YES to STEM!" and 2. "New discoverers in the world of Scientix".

Furthermore, the second category of "New discoverers" has four sub-categories based on the type of and scope of the organised activities. Those are: 1. Ambitious activities 2. Discovering local STEM 3. Girls in STEM, and 4. Peer-to-peer discovery.

2. New discoverers in the world of Scientix

This category is divided into four categories that have the following selection criteria.

a) Ambitious activities

Ambitious activity organisers were outstanding in their outreach to their community, in their creativity and in promoting STEM through a wide range of activities. They collaborated with other STEM stakeholders, getting different perspectives involved in their pedagogy. Most notably, they used creative and innovative, but affordable methods to engage their students in STEM in the classroom.

b) Discovering local STEM

These activities engaged participants in gaining local knowledge as well as getting involved in STEM. Organisers offered an opportunity for students and other participants to develop their connection with their local context, thus gaining context-specific knowledge and skills through inspiring STEM activities.

c) Girls in STEM

These activities were organised throughout the STEM Discovery Week 2018 aiming to challenge gender stereotypes. They took a resourceful, captivating and creative step towards engaging girls and women in STEM activities and erasing the stigma that still hinders gender equality in STEM in our days.

d) Peer-to-peer discovery

These activities included an element of education that is known as an empowering pedagogical method: peer-to-peer activities. Students had an opportunity to teach their peers about STEM, present their findings, their knowledge and skills. The outstanding winners of this category encouraged their students to get involved in STEM on this deeper level and share their insights with other students.

webinar Careers in the Software and IT Sectors

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Чудові плакати для навчання


Літня практика

Всеукраїнська інтернет-олімпіада «На Урок»

Всеукраїнська інтернет-олімпіада «На Урок»

Участі в безкоштовній предметній інтернет-олімпіаді «На Урок» учнів 6-А та 1-Б класів
Головна мета інтернет-олімпіади «На Урок» – створення оптимальних мотиваційних умов для вивчення математики усіма учнями з будь-яким рівнем знань. Завдання адаптовані до шкільної програми, але інтернет-олімпіада «На Урок» має суттєву відмінність від типових конкурсних заходів – кожен без винятку учень зможе проявити себе.